Hell Ship: Journey of the Ticonderoga

Friday 22 May, 7:30pm | Hell Ship: Journey of the Ticonderoga

In 1852, the emigrant ship Ticonderoga limped into Port Melbourne after a nightmare voyage from England in which nearly 200 of her passengers had died of typhus. Her saga of tragedy, loss and heroism gripped the people of our young nation like nothing before.

Michael Veitch performs his one-man show from the perspective of the young ship’s surgeon (Veitch’s great-great grandfather) who bravely nursed many sick passengers back to health. A dark story told utilising Michael’s wry sense of humour.

Info: https://www.hellshipticonderoga.com/

Presale tickets now available: http://bit.ly/HELLSHIPRTQ

Doors: 7:00pm

Performance: 7:30pm

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